Porta-Bote - The world's most portable folding boat.

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Why don't the Porta-Bote hinges and hull "Break"?

Excellent question. The answer? Miracle "Polypropylene". The entire hull is made of this stuff! Frankly, without it there could be no folding Porta-Bote. The hinges are absolutely water tight and are so unique they have been granted international patents.

So, what exactly is this copolymer? It's an exotic engineered resin originally developed by the U.S. Aero-Space industry. It has incredible properties. The hinges can take stress of over 90,000 pounds per square inch. They have been designed so that the higher the pressure on the hinge the more it "wants" to remain sealed. The Porta-Bote Polypropylene hinges have been modulus tested at a rate of over 500,000 openings and closings without failure. 

Also, our formula utilizes an ultra-violet (UV) filter. This renders the material unaffected even by exposure to saltwater. It won't even burn! This same formula is presently being used in the manufacture of the new "lifetime" batteries, automobile bumpers, bullet proof vests, Astro-turf, and even non-rusting highway road signs. How long will it last? We have inspected 25+ year old Porta-Botes and they looked almost as good as new!

That's right...the hinges and hull material have now both been time-proven for 31 years by almost 60,000satisfied customers, worldwide! That's why we can offer our famous 10 year limited hull material warranty.


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