Porta-Bote - The world's most portable folding boat.

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The secret of Porta-Boat's incredible stability?


Its unique, patented "Flexi-Hull"TM

Why is Porta-Bote Much More Stable Than Ordinary Boats? 
Here Are 3 Important Reasons:

1- Flexibility is the secret to Porta-Bote's incredible stability! This is the same reason inflatables are more stable than rigid craft. When a strong wave slams against the side of Porta-Bote's "Flexi-Hull"TM, the polypropylene flexes inwards approximately 12%. This immediately dissipates the energy of the wave & actually disperses its force by over 90%. Although any boat can be capsized under certain conditions, It's really harder to capsize one of these craft than a rigid aluminium or fiberglass boat. Always sit or stand in the centre of any boat for best stability. Of course, safe boating is always a matter of using common sense.

2- Advanced Hull Design: Porta-Bote's superior hull design creates a unique stability. Its patented concave cupped bottom LOCKS onto the water's surface. Yet, it easily "glides" over logs and limbs and keeps you dry. Even in high winds!

How The Dry Porta-Bote Ride Is Achieved

folding Porta-Bote hull

The DeepV Bow cuts into the chop and guides it under the boat. The outer chine forces the spray back down

How Porta-Bote's Stability Is Achieved

Standing in stable folding Porta-Bote hull ..........Standing in unstable ordinary boat
Water is trapped in the "tunnel" under the Porta-Bote hull. A conventional Vee Hull justs rolls over

Why Porta-Bote Remains So Stable in A Tight Turn
folding Portaboat turns with out leaning ........Ordinary boat leans heavily in a tight turn
Porta-Bote remains "level" in a turn.    A conventional Vee Hull leans sharply in a turn.

3- Extremely Low Hull Weights: Folding Porta-Bote hulls weigh in at an ultra-light 49 lbs. (21 kg), 59 lbs. (26 kg), 69 lbs. (31 kg) and 96 lbs (43.6kg ).respectively. Half as much as comparable aluminium boats or fiberglass hulls.

It's All Over! An Inflatable Owner's Nightmare!


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